An alternative to the traditional Finnish Sauna
Infrared Cabin ONE INFRARED

How our professional infrared sauna works

Infrared rays are perceived by the human body in the form of heat but they are not visible to the naked eye. Unlike the classic Finnish sauna, which works by heating the air inside the cabin, infrared lamps heat the body penetrating directly under the skin, in the tissues. This way, they activate the expulsion of impurities through sweating. They also allow muscle relaxation and increase blood circulation. The depth of penetration depends on the wavelength of the IR rays.

Carmenta infrared cabins are fitted with various Infrared radiators such as the "Philips Vitae" radiators produced in the Netherlands by Philips. These radiators work with IR-A (19.3%) IR-B (62.5%) and IR-C (18.2%) and are called "Full Spectrum". They radiate heat with a short medium and long length.

The quartz infrared light heaters used by Carmenta, whose technology enables full use of the spectrum of infrared frequencies, mimic the natural heat of the sun.
The VITAE lamps warm the body gradually from the inside out bringing an immediate benefit within the  first 5 minutes of use, but without creating a feeling of heaviness or stress to the skin.

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ONE INFRARED cabin was created to give an alternative to the Finnish sauna for private use. One or two seaters, ONE INFRARED cabin is made of vertical Spruce or Hemlock Canadian beads with a suspended Abachi wood bench. Carmenta provides several infrared lamps, such as Magnesium infrared lamp, VITAE infrared lamp and SENSOCARE infrared lamp.

ONE INFRARED designed for private use is available, on request, also for public use.

In addition to the ONE INFRARED booth, Carmenta is able to design and build the infrared cabin following the specifications and needs of each individual customer.


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