SPA Management

The Concept of a SPA

The realization of any SPA must always start from the determination of the fundamental elements that make up the correct path of well-being, based on the needs of the user, and therefore, by defining the 'concept', from which the subdivision of the spaces will be assigned for thematic areas.

The main purpose is to provide innovative solutions and at the same time respect the "rules" of Wellness, to drive the user through a unique experience that stimulates all the senses.

Relax completely, forgetting the passing of time, to leave the stress of everyday life.


All this is beyond the design of the Spa in general, but it must be kept in mind that even a harmonious environment, which pleases the view, is an added value to create the perfect Spa! This is why the Carmenta technical office works hand by hand with the client's designer or architect to create a project that achieves the best balance between functionality and design.

Our architects are lucky enough to try their hand every day with projects from the most diverse countries / religions / cultures, creating international synergies that allow them to have a broad and out of the ordinary vision.

ufficio progettazione

Technical design behind it all

Following the master-planning part, takes over the technical-plant design.

This is the real fulcrum for the success of a Spa, because  the design must take into account both the saunas and the steam baths systems, but also the air and steam flows that these cabins entail, proposing, where necessary, silenced forced ventilation systems, to maximize the feeling of well-being.

Each technology and / or furniture in a Spa must have a specific position, which therefore entails particular electrical / water / air supply systems to be considered in the design phase.

A bad design can be very expensive in the end, as it will require changes to the structure during construction or post-construction, which, besides being expensive, can also become aesthetically unpleasant and inconsistent with the architectural design of the entire building.

For this reason, our customers, assisted by their trusted technician, tend to contact us prior to the construction of any system, so that at the time of installation the arrangements are already made and present at the correct points in the room.

Furthermore, when requested, Carmenta can also provide a site check for further customer support during the preparation process.

Finally, Carmenta follows the customer even after the design, suggesting solutions also with regards to the furnishing, with lots of professional furnishing ideas. In fact, inside a Spa, for example, the presence of a tisaniera furniture and some chaise longue is absolutely necessary as the relaxation and rest phase is part of the experience of wellness, completing it.