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Health benefits of Steam at the right temperature in the Turkish Bath

Carmenta is a company specialized in the production of Turkish baths. From design to construction, we create tailor-made Turkish baths, with cutting-edge technologies, in line with the needs of each customer: whether it is a Turkish bath for the home, a Turkish bath for a hotel or a wellness centre, the Carmenta steam cabins are able to satisfy the most diverse requests, combining design, safety and comfort.
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Inside the Turkish bath the high humidity (85% - 90%) is exploited, combined with a lower temperature, (40°C - 50°C) to provide an experience a total regeneration.

The fine steam gently wraps around the body, while the warm temperature softens the skin, purifying it and allowing it to release toxins and stress. Water, in the form of hot steam, is used to quickly heat the entire skin and the respiratory tract, to create a relaxing wellness therapy.

The benefits of the Turkish bath are manifold, because it acts on some very important systems of the organism. Discover them with Carmenta!