Wellness Innovation Technologies


Steam Baths Structure 

The structural panels of the Steam Baths consist of a PET core, a 100% ecological material that is in turn produced in a 100% ecofriendly plant. The material used is recycled and does not use agents such as HFH and CFC. Even after processing, the PET is completely reusable and recyclable again.


Saunas Structure

The structural panels of the saunas consist of the most environmentally sustainable material par excellence: wood. In fact the impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, therefore from production, to packaging, transport and use, to end up with the eventual disposal or recycling, is reduced to a minimum. Wood is undoubtedly the main material, from this aspect, among natural ones.

Inside the sauna almost all the elements that make up the sauna are also made of wood, such as the benches, the backrest, the rain cover and the platforms, to continue to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.



Thanks to its know-how and production facilities, the Research and Development Department of Carmenta has developed a wide range of composite materials with various properties, such as the Technolight panel, a lightweight panel with incredible strength and performance.

The result is a light panel but with incredible strength and performance with a series of potential applications in various industrial fields. Two of which are naval and aeronautics.

Ecological and Eco Friendly

In the field of wellness, our tests have shown superior thermal insulation up to 150%. In this way  can be achieved  energy savings of over 50%.

Carmenta products also have a great ecological and ecofriendly component.

Energy Saving

Furthermore Carmenta demonstrates its particular sensitivity towards the environment also from the technological point of view: for this reason, in addition to using only eco-friendly products, it aims to improve energy savings to the maximum, thanks to its ENERGY SAVING technologies and the possibility of managing the remote equipment.