Wellness to the maximum degree

Wellness to the maximum degree

Carmenta Wellness presents Matteo Scattola, personal wellness coach

16 June 2021

Matteo Scattola graduated in Human Nutrition Sciences after obtaining a degree in Motor Sciences from the University of Padua in 2008. Immediately after graduating, he perceived the need of the managerial class to carry out physical exercise according to rhythms that were not only social but also work-related. He therefore began working as a personal trainer in gyms and private homes, integrating real wellness programmes that not only involved the physical aspect but also the nutritional and motivational aspect.

Currently, in addition to his primary activity as a Personal Wellness Coach, he is involved in the development of projects at a national level and writes for various wellness websites and consultancies for other professionals in the sector.



What does it mean to be a personal wellness coach?

When I graduated with a degree in Physical Education, I was yet another temp in a market made up of gyms full of people intent on looking in the mirror, but with little attention paid to everything that went on around them.

Most people had a vision of wellbeing linked mainly to shapes, they thought of rice and chicken as the elixir of beauty; however, they did not think in the long term and I wanted to create something different and dedicated to a more attentive and demanding public.

Day after day I shaped a figure that would enhance my personal characteristics and professional skills, putting it at the service of a public with a tight schedule but a need to work towards well-defined goals. I must say that time has proved me right, as for the past 11 years I have been looking after women and men who want to enjoy fitness in the comfort of their own homeXoffice, without distractions and with an above-average level of quality.

I take care of the habits by building programmes tailored to the individual's time, conditions and goals - when it comes to wellbeing, the priority is to turn difficulties into opportunities for change.


How does a session work?

The session is just one piece of my work. Every person is different, every client is a new challenge with times, characteristics and expectations that need to be put down on paper. Only after you have understood your goals can you start talking about fitness. Nutrition is also at the root of it. Very busy people often have unhealthy eating habits, so that's another element that needs to be reorganised. That's what led me to develop a different figure because body and mind go hand in hand.

When you're talking to people who make millions of euros, you're often working with professionals who are used to measuring every process, and you have to measure up. Quality movements, punctuality and precision turn every single session into an experience of not only physical but personal growth.


After a workout, more and more wellness experts are recommending incorporating the sauna and Turkish bath into your routine because it has numerous positive effects on your health. First of all, the heat of the cabins improves blood circulation, decreases pain and fatigue for those who chronically suffer from muscle pain, increases endurance and performance for those who do sport, helps you lose weight and reduces stress. These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from following a complete exercise and wellness path. 


Training and tight schedules, a perfect match

A trainer must be able to adapt a winning programme to an extremely busy individual. A person with a tight schedule is unlikely to agree to spend an hour a day exercising, and often doesn't even understand why they should.

So why not apply time management to fitness? If it's true that after 20 minutes of exercise testosterone release increases, why not offer 30-minute workouts for those who want to achieve hypertrophy? If it's true that training with a high metabolic impact also stimulates consumption in the following hours, why not offer a 20-minute programme?Xwhy not 10 minutes if you have a particularly busy day? Science provides us with incredible tools, but the world still relies on the knowledge from the 80s. Instead, I explain and teach how consistency makes the difference, not a one-off quantity. Even the busiest manager can exercise 10 minutes and stay healthy. Needless to say, anyone who has undertaken a course with me has been rewarded with improved clarity at work as well, thanks to a reduction in stress and physical ailments linked to a sedentary lifestyle.


In the end it always comes back to the basic concept, there is no body without mind and time ... is money.

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