The idea of space and Hygiene

05 May 2020

Separation, Sinification, Turns. Some of the kind of words that will not be kicked out our minds so easily.

Wellness Centers are seen as  gathering places, as well as discotheque; so it is hard to enjoy a nice Sauna together so soon. But when crisis will be over, how the appeal of people will change in the way they use it or how they have treatments. To be back confident with Public Wellness area will take time, and even thou , Spa will have to change. Space, materials and colours will be different.

Shades of colours will have to be lighter, and have a basic contrast to be applied into technical material, that are used to be dark. Natural materials will risk to be less attractive to people as of course they are not well known on mass market for cleaning and hygiene.

For how many people is a 200x250cm Finnish Sauna? Nobody knows it anymore, as it will depends by customers to enjoying it while other people are already in.

Future? Less and Higher Quality.

Find out more about the construction of a wellness centre.

Giovanni Costacurta 

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