Terme Salus Hotel

Terme Salus Hotel

Viterbo (VT)
Terme Salus Hotel

Relax and Wellness in the heart of Italy with Professional Sauna for Hotels

An evocative thermal park, indoor swimming pool, relaxation rooms, gym and saunas, the center will offer you a total experience through specific paths capable of regenerating body and mind.

Carmenta Wellness has designed and built the spa area of Terme Salus Hotel with Finnish Sauna Country Collection, completely customized with an unprecedented unique design. A completely personalized sauna in Black Spruce (treated spruce wood with black natural oil) with benches in Black Spruce and Abachi, to create a contrast of colors. The addition of RGB lighting creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. For the back and above the stove, Carmenta proposed light beige ceramic tile. And to complete the wellness program, in front of the Finnish sauna, has been inserted the White Corian ice fountain.

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