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Finnish sauna for Hotel Suite

Carmenta has created 11 Finnish saunas specifically designed for the suites at Hotel Silena in South Tyrol.

Hotel Silena is an accommodation with a different hospitality concept, a mix and symbiosis of Alto Adige traditions and rituals from Southeast Asia, aspects that represent the passions of the two owners and that they wanted to be reflected in the structure. Indeed, great attention is paid to wellness, nature, and the balance of the soul.

Inside 11 suites, Finnish saunas have been designed and installed. The Carmenta collection chosen for these cabins is our Country collection, in Spruce wood finish, entirely painted black. This color, along with the finishes and details, blends perfectly with the environment of the suites and the entire structure: modern, essential, and design-oriented.

In each suite, attention has been given to giving space and visibility to the surrounding nature, in support of the hotel's philosophy. The color black was chosen to give modernity and design to the Country saunas, which usually have a more rustic and traditional appearance. This project at Hotel Silena has seen us in close collaboration with the architecture studio, the hoteliers, and our expert designers in order to create an environment in complete balance and consistent with the ideas and philosophy of the hotel.

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