Spa at home: technologies and treatments

Spa at home: technologies and treatments

A spa in your home

09 November 2023

A spa in the house is a desire of many people. Having a space in the house dedicated to the care of yourself and your well-being is to have an oasis of peace to regenerate and disconnect from the stress of everyday life. Saunas with wellness paths are relevant not only for relaxation, but also for health.

A wellness path of a SPA at home should have a series of treatments that allow the body to perform hot-cold thermal shocks. It is recommended to always begin with a heat treatment. In a home SPA, this first step could be represented either by a dry Finnish sauna, or by a bio-sauna, heat treatment with a certain humidity in the cabin. Once the sauna is complete, it is necessary to carry out the opposite thermal shock, namely the cold one, which could be done using a pool or an emotional shower.

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Other SPA treatments at home



These treatments, fundamental for a SPA in the house, can be combined with treatments for relaxation or skin and body care, such as a Turkish bath. Before entering the cabin, in fact, you can make treatments such as massages with scrubs, creams, oils and essences and enhance the action of these with a relaxing steam bath. Another treatment to consider, for a SPA in the house is an infrared cabin or infrared sessions inserted inside the sauna.


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Where to design your own SPA at home

From what described above it is easily understood that it is not necessary to dedicate large spaces for a SPA in the house, even a bathroom with a proper design can be the perfect space for a spa in the house. Another interesting alternative is to think about creating a SPA outside, for example on a terrace or in your own garden, maybe near a pool. If you do not have the possibility to install a swimming pool, you can design an outdoor shower or in the cabin itself. With an external SPA, you will not only benefit from the treatments, but also from the contact with nature.


Carmenta designs and manufactures SPA in the house, so if what you want is to create your space of well-being and relaxation in the house, we invite you to contact us to realize your HOME SPA.


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