Wellness centre maintenance

Wellness centre maintenance

Methods and times of professional maintenance of a SPA

24 June 2020

Skills, knowhow and timing are very important on a wellness centre, as construction is half of the job. As for a sport car, even wellness centers need a periodic and well done check up. It will be quolity, technology and material to decide the timing of a maintenance.  

Carmenta decided to use only long-lasting technology for his cabins, using only remium material, and of course this philosophy allows less controls and period maintenance on a wellness centre. 

But what does it mean to make a maintenance on a wellness centre? For example to control the condition of the consuming parts like the electrical resistances on a staem generator, the presence of limestones on the circuit or the aroma levels on tanks.

The electric components, as they are tested before installation, do not require special service, we have to work on it just if in the building there is a main electrical problem that can create damages on our main controls.

The best way to have all under control and make service of the spa easily is to have all controls and technologies on a main room called technical room or plant room. Of course space is very important to allow an operator to work easily and fast.

Said that, is always a good idea to talk with the customer and decide a periodic maintenance to control the status of the wellness centre, this period has to be agreed with customer looking to the presence of customers.

A good idea is always to do the wellness centre maintenance at every opening of the spa, in this way we can have a good feedback on the perfect working of  units during all the season.

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