How to have a wellness area at home

How to have a wellness area at home

Ideas and technologies for a wellness area at home

15 January 2021

More and more people, especially for new projects, decide to dedicate a space in their home to a wellness area. Having a wellness area at home, such as a sauna and steam room, has long-term benefits for your body and mind. 

The idea of treating yourself to a wellness area at home can improve the quality of your life at home. A personalised experience, which can be a moment for yourself to choose your favourite aromas and music playlist, or a moment for the whole family to be together.

We could say that even a sauna corner with a shower is a wellness area at home; and if you have more space, you could have a complete wellness area by adding, for example, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a hydromassage tub and an emotional shower.

A wellness area at home depends obviously on personal taste: some people don't like saunas, while others don't enjoy Turkish baths.

So how do I start? You select a space and its dimensions, decide on the ingredients, and then you mix them according to taste, technical limitations or design to design your wellness area at home.

You can get inspiration on how to build a wellness area at home in our private projects section. 

See the last wellness area at home we created for one of our private clients 

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