A Home Spa?

A Home Spa?

Ideas and concepts for creating a home spa

11 January 2021

How do you build a home spa? How much does it consume? What is needed?

In this article we answer the third question.

The fixed point for a home spa is definitely a Finnish sauna. Because? Because it is thanks to the hot / cold temperature changes that the body releases endorphins, hence the sense of relaxation. In a home spa, therefore, a sauna and cold shower should not be missing.

However, if you don't like high temperatures, we can get around the problem by offering a steam bath with aromas, to which you can combine a hot / cold emotional shower in the home spa.

Later, space permitting, you can add: biosaunas, infrared saunas, whirlpools, floating rooms, etc ...

These are the main ingredients of a home spa. Happy Wellness!

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