SPA manufacturer for hotels

SPA manufacturer for hotels

Carmenta Wellness, the capable and expert SPA manufacturer for wellness centers and hotels

21 July 2020

Carmenta Wellness is a SPA manufacturer for hotels, which takes care of every aspect in the most scrupulous way, within a global and specialized design.

Like any self-respecting Spa manufacturer for hotels, Carmenta manages the intervention in all its phases, starting from the design phase, interfacing, first of all with the hotelier and designer, in order to merge the needs given by the customers to the aesthetic ones.

costruttore spa per hotel

The first phase, in the construction of a Spa in the Hotel, is as already mentioned, is the design phase, which is characterized first of all by understanding what type of SPA should be created, in order to calibrate it on the actual needs of its customers. Each Carmenta SPA must be thought of before being created! For an expert SPA manufacturer for hotels, evaluating every aspect in this first phase means translating it correctly from a distribution and functional point of view, in order to obtain the optimal quality result in the end.

costruttore spa per hotel e centri benessere

For the construction of a truly unique and exclusive Spa for Hotels, therefore, you cannot improvise: you must be a wellness specialist and have the necessary experience to draw up specific technical drawings, called predispositions, of a hydraulic, electrical, and sometimes masonry nature , which dictate the rules for the entire plant engineering part of the Spa.

Having tuned all the equipment chosen, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, and verified and implemented the interventions on site, Carmenta Wellness can thus begin the production of each individual Wellness cabin: Saunas, Turkish baths, Salt cabins, Emotional showers etc. ... here the construction of the SPA for Hotels takes shape!

costruttore spa per hotel internazionali

Thanks to the professionalism and competence of an expert SPA manufacturer and wellness centers for hotels, Carmenta pre-assembles all the equipment in its 7000 square meter factory in Northern Italy, then installs it in the hotel and at the same time performs the final test, carrying out a check on the operation of cabins and technologies, and finally, training the operators of the hotel, to facilitate normal daily activities.

Discover the realization of Hotel Milano & Spa in Verona.

Professional Sauna for Hotel Country collection

Professional Sauna for Hotel Country collection

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Spa realization for hotel in Tuscany

Spa realization for hotel in Tuscany

Realization of a Spa for Hotels, where architectural and naturalistic context and well-being go hand in hand.