Benefits of the Finnish Sauna

Benefits of the Finnish Sauna

Why and how to enjoy a Finnish sauna to get the benefits!

18 March 2021

The Finnish sauna is the most important technology of all, because the high temperatures, followed by an abrupt drop in temperature enables the body to regenerate.

The benefits of the Finnish sauna are manifold, and we always encourage our customers to make the Finnish sauna part of their daily lives.
Meanwhile, a Finnish sauna has temperatures of 80 to 95°C with a humidity level of 0 to 20%.

The benefits of the Finnish sauna can also be enjoyed at home, not just in a large spa hotel. It is advisable to have a shower next to the sauna at home to immediately lower the body temperature.The first of the sauna benefits we address are those related to the mental state: reducing stress. The change of temperature of the room/sauna/cold shower induces the body to produce endorphins, which protect the body from this shock, creating a deep feeling of relaxation. The main benefits of a Finnish sauna are: it tones up the body, reactivates the lymphatic system, influences positively the nervous system, increases the speed of the metabolism, purifies the skin and prevents cellulite.

So, having a sauna at home, going to a wellness centre, or choosing a hotel with a spa, is a great way to get the benefits of a Finnish sauna and improve your quality of life, or better, enjoy more your holiday.

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